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Get your Jig on Today! Samsung Galaxy S Download Mode USB Jig Now available Samsung Galaxy S III all carries

This jig will allow you to get your phone into download mode when your phone is 3 button combo disabled or soft bricked. As long as there is something on the screen, the jig should work for you.

This JIG also works to RESET THE FLASHING COUNTER OF THEGALAXY SII I9100. You can flash custom ROMS and put the flash counter back to 0.





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Now making jigs with 3.0 connectors and the highest quality resistors available. USB 3.0 connectors have better connections and are longer to make the jig even more compatible with Galaxy class S phones. We have 30+ years of soldering experience. Anyone can solder, but quality comes with experience. The materials cost more but we are keeping our price the same for this higher quality jig. High quality is why we have sold more jigs than anyone else! (Thousands of jigs sold all over the world to more than 65 countries) 


Units are made in the USA by a military trained electronics technician with 30+ years of experience. This USB dongle will help you gain access to download mode even if your phone is 3 button combo disabled. With a semi-bricked Samsung Galaxy S, you need to have the 3 button combo or the Download Mode USB dongle jig to gain access to Download Mode.Without a dongle jig, your only option is to return it to Samsung which will take 2~3 weeks to return. If you plan on getting root access or adding ROM's, you should have a dongle jig on hand just in case things do not go as planned.

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I perform an extra step in the jig production to seal it and insure that it will be water resistant and durable for many years, no matter how many times you use it. This step is EXCLUSIVE to my product.

I test your USB dongle jig in my personal phone to verify it is working correctly before I send it to you. My own personal phone has been put into download mode thousands times with absolutely NO problems.

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Samsung Galaxy SII  i9100


Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Vibrant 4G   )

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate

Samsung Droid Charge

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S GIO S5660

Samsung Infuse SGH-i997

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Continuum

Samsung Galaxy S i9003 SL

Samsung Focus

Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G (SGH-T769)

Samsung Exhibit II 4G (SGH-T679)

Samsung Galaxy S+ i9001

Samsung Galaxy S Epic

Samsung Impression (SGH-A877)

Samsung Nexus

Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung Omnia 7

Samsung T959 Vibrant Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate

Samsung Galaxy S Ace

Samsung S 4G

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch Sprint

Samsung Galaxy SIII all carries

All Samsung Galaxy class S phones Samsung Galaxy Note

  • This jig supports all Samsung Galaxy S European models as well as domestic models

    If your phone screen is always black, turn it on and if it stays completely black, then sorry, but NO USB jig will help you.