PinballLooking Tron Mini Arcade Cabinet 3.1v

We have a limited number of cabs ready to ship.

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Features version 3.1 design:

• Laser cut cabinet
• Decals professionally printed and machine cut
• Decals on the marquee and center panel are translucent
• Joystick lights up!, spinner and panel behind control panel made from UV reactive acrylic
• No screws in the side of the cabinet
• All LEDs, with the exception of the flasher, have optimized voltage for improved brightness and efficiency
• Bright G3 OLED screen
• Backlit marquee, inner decal and front panel
• 906 LED flasher with eight smd high-powered LED’s for superior brightness

Note: Our mini cabinet is based off of Tilt/Jeremy’s design with his permission to reproduce and sell. The software this screen runs is a clone of the original Tron arcade attract mode, written by Eli Curtz of He spent countless hours writing and optimizing the code in the 4DGL language, and he deserves all the credit for what you see on screen.

Total Cost is $265 + 12 shipping $277 shipped to cont US. Canada add $46 Priority shipping.
International add $53 Priority shipping or $68 Express shipping. express shipping (we are only shipping USPS overseas)   

We have a limited number of cabs ready to ship. 
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